Evaluating your "findability" is a basic way to determine how dabbme can help. When your customers, and we mean all customers current and potential, attempt to find you or someone who offers your type of services/products - do they find you online?


Is it a current representation of you?

Is it everything you are and offer? 


  • Website upgrade/creation.

  • Website maintenance 

  • Photo Library

  • Social Media Adaptability


Websites take time. Time to update, time to maintain, and it takes only one look from a potential client to go with the competition if when they see your online presence they are not instantly enamoured with what your busines has to offer. Your customers may use their phones, computers, or other devices to find you. Make sure you are there. Findable - in website and social settings that are appropriate and applicable to your goals and vision. 


  • Website creation / upgrade

  • Social Media Development

  • Photo/Video Library

  • Branding Development

  • Social Media Adaptability






Maintaining your brand is not a quarterly or annual task, especially in smaller communities. You are constantly building your customer base and with that comes specials, events, deals, news, products, service upgrades and so on. Your brand needs to stay current with these items too, and your a busy person. We get that. Let us simplify and build with you.  


  • Website Maintenence and Annual Options Available​Monthly, Quarterly,

  • Social Media Planning

  • Weekly Social Maintaining

  • Blog Maintenence

  • Event Photo Libraries

 Whether you are brand new to the social media world or are familiar with some of the inner-workings, dabbme will support your growth, dabbme will focus on your target demogrpahic, and build your client base according to your mission. Social media comes in all shapes and sizes. That doesn't mean that your business should be everywhere. 


  • Facebook Business Page

  • Twitter Business Account

  • Instagram Account

  • Pinterest Business Account

  • Blog Creation and Assist

  • And so much more!




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