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What happened on FB?

Let's be honest. As small business owners you are either way to busy for social media, too involved in social media, or simply don't get social media. Social branding is an even bigger umbrella and a completely differen topic that I will cover on a different day. Today, Well today is about FB and what happened on it while you were out and away.

Remember that Facebook is a for profit business just like the majority of dabbme readers. Therefore getting frustrated that they may change their business process on security and sharing and, dare we say - they might even have the audacity to suggest what you would want to learn about based on your facebook habits... and on and on and on... guess what?

It is their business.

They are running it.

They are planning, executing, developing, evolving, and yes, they are marketing - to you.

Your Welcome.

Now it is time to get you on board and use this avenue - they the big facebook gods have created.

Here are some basic reasons why balance is needed and yes, you do need a good old dose of Facebook every day. Sorry.

1. You Own The Business

Yep, you made it. You created your dream and now all the customers magically come right through your door. Nope. Not how it works, ever. Unless of course you have a build in magic wand. Hard work and planning are needed. I recommend scheduling at least one hour a week on social media planning. Sunday nights are a great time to do this. Your mind is clear from the past week, you are mentally getting charged up for a new week, you are the business owner. Let's plan.

With Facebook you can schedule posts in advance. So if you know days that you are having sales, promotions, want company information out, or just want to tell your customers a funny joke (which is okay on some occassions, just not all of them). It doesn't cost you a thing to plan these posts. If you live in a small community, and follow other local businesses - include them in your post! Build that level of local postiive partnership and professionalism.

2. No Customer Just "Walks In and Buys Everything". (You have to have a plan)

There are many times that I have seen businesses have a stellar idea. This is an idea that all other people stand back and think "Why didn't we think of that?" or "Wow, they must really know what is going on!?" And then .... .... (wait for it)... ... nothing or EVERYTHING!!

Here is what I mean: Without a plan a business tends to be very reactive to everthing around them, (and I mean everything) and for a while it will work; however in slower times, unpredictable times (say, economic or weather or season or whatever) this fly by the seat of the pants mentality will sadly put, put, putter to a halt and there will be no fanfaire around when it does. So. What to do... you must plan.

Facebook is not a big monster, it is an asset to small businesses. All the hype on the news and the controversy of advertising rates, well yes that is one avenue of the Facebook business - but it is not all of it. You are a business owner in a small town. Your small town depends on each other, the businesses, and communication to get the whole life experience of small town USA. Use the resources around to do that, not just the ones you are comfortable with - the ones your current and FUTURE customers are comfortable with. You are going to have to use social media. Like now.

dabbme specializes in teaching small businesses and organizations the value of utilizing social media to engage customers, develop community partners, and build on their business. Don't take your local resources for granted.

Best of Luck!

D.A. (with dabbme!)

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