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Leadership vs. Management, Again.

Whether you are a sole entreprenuer or a small business owner with dozens of employees - you are a part of the team, and you are a in a role of leadership or management. Not a typo - it is a choice between leadership or management. The description for these two "words" leads in to many debates and great conversations within college classes, busines forums, and in development seminars. Here is what the ending resolve tends to look like:

Leadership is about the person. It is about how the person inspires, drives, and develops a group of people - regardless of title or station, this person puts in the work of the businesses mission. In line with keeping this short, there are many (and by many I mean an obscene amount of many) articles that have been written on this topic. A great read is one titled 30 Ways to Define Leadership, written for Business News Daily take some time to read the examples they list. There are quite a few quotes that are inspiring above all else.

Management is about the process. It states that the title and role dictate how the behavior will manage a project, a person, a timeline, and so on.

Obviously there are many other avenues to each. Both leadership and management are necessary for a small business to succeed and here is why.

A small business owner must have management skills - not for the people - but for themselves.

What do you take away from these two "words" do you put them in to practice or give them time to process in your day to day business. If we are not constantly striving for improvement, we become stale and stagnent.

Being a leader can be risky - but the biggest risk is not incorporating the process into the motivation.

D.A. (of dabbme!)

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