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ShortCuts. Mission. Client Capes.

Shortcuts seem to be the one thing we all love and act on, however we don't look at them as shortcuts, we look at them as "time savers." Whatever works for you.

These "shortcuts" make us feel that we have accomplished more, finished an item on the checklist, in essence, we have worn our "Super Cape" in efficiency.

Good for you. Here is your cape.

But hold on one little moment, consider taking two minutes to read the rest. It's okay, you can do it.

You can take two minutes of your day to read something.

Slow down.

Would you purposely handwrite every invoice if you could instead have a great online invoicing system? ​What about sending an email instead of calling? Well, how does it best suit your business needs? That is the question that we subconsciencly operate off of on a daily basis.

Customer and Client care in the business world can be impacted by our "things". Shortcuts may include sending a text versus email, or email versus call, or call versus having a face to face meeting.

Read it again.

Shortcuts may include sending a text versus email, or email versus call, or call versus having a face to face meeting.

When you are very busy which avenue do you choose?

What if we just stopped and considered the personal implications. I realize this is business, this is professional, but - and it is a large but - our small business success is personal. It is our dream, our hard work, our desire.

So what happens if we called instead of emailed? What if we met in-person instead of called?

Each person I have spoken with about all of the above has relayed these things:

We simply do not have time!

Are you crazy?

Get on the phone and talk to someone? I just need a quick answer, a short response!

I don't have time for this!

This is where it comes down to priorities. Priorities that drive straight back to your business mission. Your values of your small business. If you haven't written them down, I would encourage you to do so. These are the speed limit signs for your company. You can revert back to these and use them as a shortcut in decision making.

Back to the one on one conversation and not having time. Let's take that out of the equation for a moment. Let's take back everything you thought of from "where you are" in "your busy day".

Have you stepped back?

Take a moment and enjoy the view. Just breathe.

And now... you have climbed your relaxing mountain... ask yourself this...

What does my client want?

How does my client want to communicate?

I ask my clients what works best. Every one is different. I have one that texts, one that emails, one that google chats, another that facebook chats, and another that does all those and still we talk on the phone and meet in person. If you are a small business you must be adaptable.

My point through all of this... let it be up to the customer. Track your communication. Keep it simple. But do it on the client's terms.

So, you ask - what does this have to do with shortcuts and missions and client capes? The last thing you want is to do a ton of work for a client and then realize their vision was not what you understood. Listen to them - and follow the lines of communication set in advance - keep a record for yourself so you can reference when needed.

Shortcuts What If:

What if you only email your clients and they only check their email once a week?

What if you texted them, using txt jargon and the client believes you now to be unprofessional?

What if you called and left valuable information in a voicemail, only to find out a week later they don't check their voicemails on a regular basis?

Each of these scenarios have happened, more than once within the small businesses I know!

Small business owners are not just onwers and operators who sit in a small office and hope they have new business come through their doors. Small business owners are up before anyone else, they are rarely sitting down at their desk, they are out working with customers, building up product, keeping appointments with other small business owners, and many other scenarios.

Utilize the technology short cuts that exist today - but do it on your clients terms, with your documentation.

It is your business, no one elses. Respect your effort, utilize your resources. Get your client a cape for the day, and stick to your mission. It is going to be a great day!

Thanks all!


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