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Over the past year I have completed a bachelors in small business development and entrepreneurship, while working two jobs, being a co-parent with my husband who works many nights, but plans his schedule to coach youth sports on the nights he isn't at work.

Balance in this crazy life..

Without a Doubt. Take the below for example some say,

"It takes a village"

(I have heard arguements on this that it shouldn't, however those saying that either don't have children or their children are under the age of 8 years old).

"Parenting is the hardest job"

(Um, yes it is. We don't even have to go further on that one)

And that small business owners are a "special breed of crazy".

Okay, so the latter I could have told you a long time ago. My parents, my grandparents all displayed and acted on the desire to be a small business owner - so maybe it has always been in my blood. But maybe not.

My dream. My passion. My dabbme.

I knew that dabbme was a dream of mine.

DA's Brand & Business Marquee Empowerment - too long of description but all heart and passion for what it means. So dabbme became reality.

I have always loved being a positive cheerleader for small businesses, for promoting them, for empowering them, and to be honest with them.

Small business owners don't have time for the stand in the yard and talk about the path.

Small business owners need to talk and walk and act while the yard, landscape, front and back porch, and interior of "the house" are in motion.

My balance for dabbme comes from a place of emotion and desire and hope. Hopeless romantic, creatively driven, passionately imperfect, and overall not an introvert. (You guess that already I am sure!)

My business sense for dabbme comes from nearly 20+ years in retail, restaurant, and corporate customer care leadership roles. From managing a retail or entertainment complex to reviewing data analysis on how customer service centers work in different regions of the country - my history, professionally, has been a job in making sure exception, expectation, and excellence are the foremost ideals and values for great service.

This does not make me perfect.

It makes me human and the source to go to when a small business wants answers, support, and a partnering cheerleader to validate and empower all the dedicated efforts they themselves believe in.


Balance in starting a consultant company, a design company, a branding company - in small business - in small communities. Not the same as the big city slickers out there. Not even close.

In a small business - small communities - everyone (or nearly) everyone knows your name, and not like you are "Norm at Cheers" but pretty darn close. No one really wants to admit they don't have it all "going on" or "together", no one wants to own the fact they may need help with technology or that marketing for what it was 10 years ago is not close to the same of today. It becomes overwhelming, and I know for what I am broguht into daily, it is okay to say "I would like to know more. I need to expand my horizen, and I need to bring the customer's perception of my business to the top of priorities of my to do list."

Balance in that scenario is knowing to be consistent in your business offerings, positive in partnering and building community support, and acknowledging when the times and technology demand an additional avenue of "business brand" to your company.

Step back and look at the big city slickers with their branding and marketing - cookie cutter, high prices, and large words, with large clients and an unintentional disconnect to smaller communities.

Small business-small communities do not have time in their busy commitments to play hopscotch with the slickers. Balance. Values.

Knowing the value of what a small business-small community brings to families and culture can only be known and treated as "Balance" by those who promote it, live it, and learn from it. "It" being the small business-small community.

Let's get some perspective -

Of course the big city slickers are going to have offerings and pretty packaging that says how much easier, simpler, and quicker everything they have to offer is. And they may be right, but remember what was great about the local hardware store in your small community - they knew your name, they understood what you were looking for - it was personal to them like it was personal to you. The big city slickers don't have that.

They can't teach that in a customer service class or training session. Those might be very kind people who care but the reach they have to add small communityvalue to you and your family is not part of their dialogue or value system.


Balance in how I support my local businesses as a family person and as a business owner. I look at the originality, the community partnerships, the customer service, and the drive of the owner/operators of the business.

These are the businesses I want to cheer on, that I want to support, and that I want to help brand their future "window of expertise" into the next generational demands around us.

Just a few thoughts from me! Would love to hear what you have to say!

D.A. (of dabbme!)

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