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Coaching is one of those life time character things right? I foresee it as a sport in itself, a sport of character and absolute integrity. One that does not allow for ego, rather extreme humility combined with confidence.

That is different than ego.

We have seen it with NFL Football teams where great coaches are still human, make mistakes – as we all do.

The coaching I am referring to is not about those “Perfect All Time Coaches”. I am referring to the concept of coaching.

I believe that holds the same for small businesses. It is a sport, a competitive drive and desire – small business owners must have a humility that they can always improve, be better, and that to stand a top as the champions, each owner understands they will the next day be challenged by a new competitor.

Sounds like a vicious cycle? Not at all. We as the coaches of our small businesses are like football coaches.

Every season requires planning, execution, practice, records, failures, perseverance, and competition.

It is a sport. Business is a sport.

One that is planned for all year long, one that is already thinking of next quarter, next reporting period, and next client – while executing the perfect play now.

Ultimate confidence in coaching comes from experience (and a “little” education) experience of falling down, working through, and honoring the process. Experience of watching and learning from great coaches and we learn from those coaches that leave a lackluster culture in their wake.

Like football, every person involved in football team plays a viable and valid role. As in business, every person involved is a viable role in the game.

I use football as that is the season upon us. Not just a sport’s season – it is more like a way of life season. From flag football for the cute little children, through first year tackling for young men, to high school football with the Friday night lights.

But for today, I post about the younger years. The first years of middle school, the first years of tackle football. As parents get their young players ready to hit the field, coaches are preparing for this rite of passage for the athletes, while harnessing all of their excitement and giddiness they hold within - simply for the love of the game.

Just as in small business, we have our supporters, our players, our advocates, and the opposing team.

In small business the opposing team could be your competition, your schedule, your own time management that you don’t have working for you yet. It can be any number of “things”.

I was recently brought in to help with the online needs for the Southern MN Youth Football League. This was an awesome opportunity, one that I treasure as my own boys have and do play in this league.

I remember my first year in the Southern MN Youth Football League – I knew nothing about watching my son play the game, or how I would survive watching him tackling other children.

I didn’t know where fields were, what rules were, the coaches and other parents seemed to have all the details and I remember thinking – I must learn more.

So I did. Patience through time, patience through perseverance, and patience with time tables with our clients – our teams – our supporters.

At dabbme, when you partner with us you get a player, a supporter, a coach, and a partner.

Go be a great coach today! Contact dabbme for your branding needs today!


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