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It's YOU. Not Anyone Else.

Lots of discussions out there about what politicians have done or will do for small business and entrepreneurship in the USA. I for one don't have an immediate care about that - because it is just one more person, forum, group, or platform that is used to scare people - some say that is ignorant for me to view it like that, but guess what, not ignorant - those people aren't the ones going after my dream - I am.

I for one won't be the scared one. You shouldn't be either. There are a rare breed of people out there who are daring and brilliant - they are called entrepreneurs - small business owners - dreamers. This is for you, this is for you who are there but need a nudge or a reminder, an anthem of "we can". Yes you have got this.

Focus on what you do and who you are. Don't allow those who talk in a negative condescending manner about your dreams and your passion be what determines your worth and your unique self - they are not going after your dreams. You are. Their involvement in your entrepreneurial dream has nothing to do if it will be successful. You determine that. Through hard times and good times - you will be the one walking the walk, talking the talk - working the grind day in and out - not them.

Some are simply not meant to wear the suit and say the perfect thing in the most scripted way for some company that doesn't know your name... we aren't here to be the same as everyone else at the table - that is what makes some of us crazy entrepreneurs great - we are the risk takers, we know we will not do it all right, but we will go after the vision with passion, we live our lives with purpose, and no matter how scared we are - we will focus on the goal, the big picture.

We are the type who can fall down and get up on our own and look back - only to learn where we fell and how to make things better because of the fall.

We will work the unconventional hours and the odd jobs to make ends meet while our dream takes off.

We are the ones that will never mind, but embrace, the line level jobs - they keep us grounded and real.

We make decisions not so others know they are ours, but so the mission is moving.

Our shortcomings are not because we lack, but because we have excelled in something more important for a moment.

But do not second guess this, if the passion, the vision, or the mission are what is on the line - we will fight, we will be vocal, and we will take a stand for what is right.

That is what an entrepreneur does. For if we didn't do that, how would we take a stand for our own dream?

We as entrepreneurs build up other's ideas and dreams.

Have you ever heard the words from others? Those who are excited for your dream and use words (and actions) that say they support and believe in you - those are the ones you want to get your good vibes, those you use as your muse, your inspiration.

We love these people who are like us - it is a rush to know there are others that exist that want to drive the small business market, regardless if in a small rural town or in a large metro area.

We as entrepreneurs are the ones who bring the excitement, the drive. We also know that this life is short and we may not know everything, or even half of anything - but we know our mission and our dream. For that we will remain humble and ackonwledge we must keep learning, trying, and pushing forward.

But there are those - the "they". They that don't speak in those ways, but in ways that show you’re lacking - those are the ones you hear and then forget. They are the ones who work without dreams. They don't venture for different and they don't take risks.

They may be your future clients - fine. But do NOT allow them to change your YOU. Focus on YOU. Stand for your dream and be realistic and then throw even that out the window. Entrepreneurs are such an eclectic group. Revel in that. We "get" the fire your gut.

Stop trying to do it all "their way" the "supposed right way", "the ONLY way", Entrepreneurs will always be the solution finding group in the room before anyone else. We are the "forget 1/2 full glass - we see overflowing one." NEVER lose track of YOU. NEVER forget you are unlike anyone else. You are you, unique - crazy - smart - passionate - creative - driven. You are a force of nature who will accomplish many things - you will leave your mark.

There will always be those who will undermine, talk down, remind you of your imperfections, your shortcomings, and that you don't meet their knowledge.

Only give those people mind for the downright hell you will leave in your steps, your fury of force, for while those people continue on their "righteous" path - you will be focused on your own internal, mental, emotional, business, and human strength to learn - push - drive toward your entrepreneurial dream. Your individual dream. What makes you - you.

Focus on what you do and who you are. Period.

You need a cheerleader? You need a push? Be prepared to have thick skin, to have a duck's back, to be built of steel - with a sincere communication. You are completely capable, you have the desire to continue to learn. Focus on you and what qualities are "YOU" and don't try to change them for anyone. Embrace you and success is ahead.

Hey, it isn't a soap box. It is the truth. Go to it. Oh, and it is Friday - entrepreneurs don't take the weekend off. Entrepreneurs push forward. (Okay, enjoy some time to yourself, then get to it!)


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