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Starting the conversation on Organization

How To Be Organized

First, let’s start this off by saying I am not the almighty authority on being organized.

Actually I feel compelled to tell you it is quite the opposite. I would LOVE to be organized.

A hard cold fact is this - If you are not organized with a little, you will not be organized with a lot.

This can be referencing health, faith, work, income, clients, friends, goals - any and everything falls to this.

You owe it, I owe it, we all owe it to ourselves to contemplate that and make some decisions about how to proceed.

Try this - you know that feeling when you clean the junk drawer in the kitchen (don’t make me laugh by saying you don’t have one of those, please just stop.) So you needed to find something, you started digging in the drawer and bit by bit and piece by piece - 30 minutes later it is organized.

You even put the pens and pencils in their own little container, you’ve tested the batteries to see if you can get rid of them and so on. That feeling when you shut the drawer - the one where you won’t admit it to a single soul - but you open the drawer again - just to see the organized and clean drawer. That feeling. I would love to have that feeling - all the time with everything in my life.

I have accepted it. Sort of. That the journey for organization is one that is a MUST ACT NOW. Life is way too short to wait, procrastinate, or not do it at all.

Let’s go over some basics on organization. You need to set your level of expectation about it.

Be realistic but believe in what you want in life and in your business.

What exactly do you want organized?

Here are some of the top picks. These are very general and there are so many more things you and your peers and mine could add to this. But, like all organizational action plans know - we must start somewhere. Acknowledge where you want/need organization.

My home.

Wanting to have your living space organized is a top priority.

Where you sleep and are your own person with no trepidation - clutter and disorganization will add to your clutter and impact your focus. Inherently it will make your focus become a tunnel vision avenue versus plan execution.

Home organization has spawned thousands of blog posts, new articles, even television shows.

This should be broken down by asking:

"Is it messy and cluttered?" and "Am I willing to discard what is not a necessity?".

Once you are able to answer and write those things down, take one hour to go room to room and write down what you envision for that room - be specific.

Then walk away. Clear your mind. Do something else. Seriously... just do something relaxing.

Schedule the next hour in your busy life and break down which room is first and from there you can add it into a scheduled time in your calendar.

Getting organized on the home front requires you to be as organized there as a professional office building is meant to be.

Personal Life. If you wrote this down you need to break it down.

This covers so many avenues.

Without dedicated understanding of what we want more organized in our personal life we simple cannot accept where we are; let alone plan toward where we want to grow.

When someone does not feel organized in their personal life it is a tender journey in deciphering what is an organization issue versus a habit. Life is a mountainous terrain. Small business ownership mirrors that. Finding the right habits and organization in our personal life supports balance and promotes balance in your professional life.

I would encourage you to separate your physical and mental health out of this category. Being organized in your personal life encompasses your day to day schedule, your goals - both short and long term, your activities, your family and social commitments.

All financial and health related items that show up on your personal life list - move them. Each is a valued piece of your life that deserves to have focus and organization for life fulfillment.


This probably should be higher on the list. Let's be real here.

If you do not have an organized focus on your health, then you never know what may sneak up on you.

I am in the process of my journey of organized health. I have discovered developing a small business while orchestrating the balancing act called life, my health never took priority and it has held me back. Well, no more. Upkeep on this and daily tracking is not a part-time commitment.

This area includes mental health and strength. More to come in a future blog post.


You want your finances organized or you want more financial income.

There is a distinct line for this.

A common thought is having more finances of “more” would “fix” the situation.

If you are not organized with a little, you will not be organized with a lot.

Taking ownership of that and stand tall and have a plan, a goal, and be consistent with it.

That is an easy thing to write, not do.

We allow money to hold us to the power we have given it.

How to become more organized with finances starts with reviewing if you have a budget. Utilize a simple budget sheet. Then make cuts where there is need versus excess. Again, easy to write down, hard to swallow if you are a small business owner working hard to "make it " work - but still struggling.


Whoever it is you work for, or sends you your paycheck - these are your clients.

How to become more organized from a small business stand point with clients is so needed and important.

~ Who are my current? What have I done for them? What can I do for them?

~ What plan do I have to my potential vendors or future clients? Create a set schedule and plan on creating and executing that plan. See these two links - great directional plans made simple.

Answering and writing the above down is only the starting point. Capitalizing on client organization is a gigantic opportunity that too many times we don't act on because we are pulled in a million other directions to accomplish a successful day as a small business owner.

Organize my office.

What is it about an organized desk and office makes someone feel successful?

Honest question?

I started an organization plan and action recently where I set simple daily goals for myself in regards to my office. I allow the messes throughout the day, the piles and files and folders. When it comes to 30 minutes before the time I have scheduled to be working in office, I stop what I am doing and do a final check on email (always respond within the same day if possible) I write a to do list for the next day, I put away anything that is cluttering up my desk. Confirm what is going on during the first two hours of my day then next morning and pull whatever information is needed to prepare.

Takeaways on the beginning journey of organization?

Be realistic, be positive, be simple.

A couple of articles that discuss these from different angles are below. I strongly encourage you to read Huffington Post article on habits of organized people. As it is easy to mark down all the things not being doing right… you must remember. It takes you to take a step. To make a change with your organization.



Thanks for reading! One day at a time!

I am working on a breaking out of my organization challenges and will keep you posted!

Devin Anne Reyes

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