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D.A. Brand & Business Marquee Empowerment - "dabbme" has been a dream of mine for a long time. 

Small business is something I was born into with both of my parents and grandparents working hard to

start their own companies, businesses, organizations, and brands. Through watching them I developed

a strong love and respect for the hard perseverance and dedication that small business owners are

built with and saw how vital their businesses were within their communities.


Enter my life-long dream of starting dabbme, Brand & Business Development.


My professional experiences and opportunities have been growing in leadership roles within the retail,

hospitality, and corporate customer care industries over the past twenty years - that appreciation for

producing quality care and results has only be superseded by making genuine connections with all

contacts - this has become at the core of who I am today.


Over the past three years I have also added a small business development and entrepreneurship degree, partnered with many local business owners in creating community events including The Lonsdale Crawl, and worked to stay involved within local and the regional communities, I share this only so that you the reader know, I understand the day to day strain, the dream that seems far away but gleams the joy of value and accomplishments, the lack of time to accomplish what you truly want for your business,  the love and the challenges in creating a path to your goal. It is possible - dabbme is here. 


I created dabbme to be a reliable and genuine supporter and champion of small business growth. From branding your business, creating an online image - website and social development - I believe that small businesses need to stay viable within today's technology growth - but still support and empower them to stay true to what small business means to each owner, customer, and community. 


I look forward to working with you!


DevinAnne Reyes

Owner of dabbme, Brand & Business Development




At dabbme promoting your business is the focus, goal, and dream. Empowering your hard work through branding, logo creation, website  upgrade & development, social media development & management.               


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