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D.A. Brand & Business Marquee Empowerment = "dabbme"

"Small business is something I was born into with both my parents and grandparents working hard to start their own companies, businesses, organizations, and brands. Through watching them I developed a strong love and respect for the hard perseverance and dedication that small business owners are built with and saw how vital their businesses were within their communities. I wanted to build that into the current day technology evolution and build bridges for 'small town businesses and organization USA' to stay current and valid and needed."

D.A. Reyes

Our Team Consists of:
Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, 
Artists, Communication Leaders, and Advocate for Small Businesses and local Community Organizations! 

D.A. Reyes has collaborated with industry leaders in hospitality, corporate customer care, continuous improvement in both large and small volume environments.


Throughout those experiences was learning and applying - and listening.


Reyes' education is hands on in roles of entrepreneurial within own businesses, and non-profits started, as well as the many collaborations committed to.

The strong desire to keep learning, seek out more information has garnered countless partnerships across industries while also receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business, Small Business Entrepreneurialship as well as a Masters in Business Management, with a focus on Marketing. 

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