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"The Collections" 
by dabbme

While dabbme has been a steadfast determination to support small businesses and organizations since 2015, "The Collections" have been a dream and passion for creator DevinAnne for over three decades. 


Whether it is personalizing a space with art, a specialized writing dedication, or an album of photographic memories for life's small and big (and in between) step by step journey - The Collections are here to support and to share in the real life and love and reality of who we are, individually & together. 

Annedy Ray Norell is a continuation of all things me. All of my experiences, places visited, people and cultures, lifestyles and landscapes, and of course life's every day moments that are windows for the universe and beyond to see who we truly are.


Through photographic memory making to artistic embracement of a life in the visual form - Annedy Ray Norell is a Collection of me, of you, of all of us... one step and picture at a time. 


SimplySaidbyCassieAnneClaire is a compilation of funny, true writings ~ some romantic, some family, some opinionated... all about every day life.

The Collection provides different doors to go thru for any life direction and path. 

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